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Debugging Errors: dyld: Symbol not found

I recently wanted to update my Steps Tracker App to allow purchasers of the Series 4 Apple Watch the ability to see the steps complication on the new Infograph watch faces that are only available on the new devices. I

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Siri Watch Face my new default face.

Siri Watch Face suggesting how much movement is required to close my move ring.

I have spent a couple of weeks now with the Siri Watch Face being my daily watch face and I’ve really come to love it. This new face for the Apple Watch was introduced with the release of watchOS 3.

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Apple Watch App stuck installing using TestFlight

Apple Watch on wrist

I recently updated my first Apple Watch App ‘Steps Tracker‘ to ensure compatibility with the new iPhone X. On completing the update a little bug reared it’s head which required a small change to the code base as well. Therefore,

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Keep a mindful eye out for Ransomware

New type of Virus: Ransomware becoming more prevalent.

Ransomware has been in the news headlines recently, which suggests more virus writers are wanting to get in on this money spinning type of hack. I wrote a blog post about this sort of virus in 2013 What is a Cryptovirus or Ransomware

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watchOS Local Notification Will Not Fire More Than Once

Steps Tracker

I seem to have come across a vexing issue with the watchOS Local Notification API – I can not get them to trigger reliably using a time interval that uses a common notification identifier. I have been trying to create

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Steps Tracker Apple Watch App

Steps tracker Apple Watch and iPhone App

The Steps Tracker App allows a complication to be displayed on the watch face which shows a graphical representation of the how close you are to completing your target steps for the day. The complication will update throughout the day without

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Published Independent Author’s Novel

Ladybird, Ladybird Literary Fiction by independent author Valerie Bird

Today I published the latest novel by independent author Valerie Bird. Ladybird, Ladybird, a literary fiction novel, is the fourth title we have published together and we are starting to get quite a rhythm going with our collective efforts. Working

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Full Screen Apps in OS X

Using Red, Orange, Green Window Controls for Fullscreen Apps

With the release of Mac OS X Yosemite (10.10) Apple introduced Full Screen Apps. This allows you to set an application to take over the whole of your screen for distraction free working*. It also enables you to ‘flick’ between

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New Dangerous Virus (CryptoLocker)

New type of Virus: Ransomware becoming more prevalent.

Windows users need to be particularly careful at the moment not to open any attachments that you are not expecting. Particularly if they come pretending to be from your bank, PayPal or a delivery company. Be doubly careful if you

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WordPress eCommerce website

Built WordPress eCommerce website for Oak At Home

I was approached by OAK AT HOME  who wanted to sell their bespoke handmade designed gifts direct to customers. They wanted to maintain control of the selling process. Having considered the alternatives, including Etsy and Not On The Hight Street, They felt they wanted to

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